Cats are often described as solitary animals. However, this doesn't mean that cats should be left alone for days on end without supervision. While cats are known to be more independent than dogs, they do not like to be left alone for too long.

To begin with, before leaving your cat alone at home, it's important to take into account their personality and character. For example, some cats are more independent than others and are able to handle solitude more easily. Other cats are less dependent and need constant attention from their owners. 

If you need to go on a trip for more than a couple of days, it is best to contact someone close to you such as a neighbor or a pet sitter. They will be able to ensure that your cat is fed and safe.

Even if your cat is independent and has enough food, it's important to remember that issues can still arise. For example, your cat could get stuck in a piece of furniture. Before leaving the house, make sure that there isn't anything dangerous lying around. Avoid leaving around plastic bags, household cleaning products, or small objects that your cat can swallow.

If your cat has separation anxiety, we do not recommend leaving them alone for more than a few days. Cats who have separation anxiety meow constantly and some even urinate on the bed or the couch.

If your cat suffers from separation anxiety, we recommend using pheromones such as FELIWAY® to help calm them down. Pheromones are available as diffusers or sprays.

Automatic cat feeders and water fountains

For a short trip, such as a weekend trip, you can use an automatic cat feeder and water fountain.

With that being said, before you leave, it's important to make sure that your cat knows how to use them. If your cat makes their food bowl or water bowl fall over, it will be difficult for them to eat and drink enough. To avoid these kinds of issues, we recommend placing several bowls of food and water around your home in different rooms.

Provide several litter boxes

Cats are very hygienic, and are often quite demanding when it comes to their hygiene. For example, cats will not do their business in a litter box that they consider to be too dirty.

In order to avoid any accidents, it's best to place several litter boxes in different parts of your home.

Keep your cat entertained

For cats, staying at home without any source of entertainment can be very boring. This is especially the case if their owner has left for the weekend. In order to keep your cat entertained, you can leave out a cat tree, a scratching post, cardboard boxes, or a wall mounted obstacle course for your cat to climb on.

Cats who do not get enough mental stimulation often exhibit uncharacteristic behavior. For example, they might scratch the couch, destroy your belongings, or even scratch themselves until they bleed.

Have you ever had to leave your cat alone for a few days?

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