Most cats love their space and don't like to go anywhere else. But some of them love to travel around. Vacation, road trips... they just love to see the world !

Vaccines checks

If you are about to go away with your cat, you need to help them get ready for this adventure! Two months before departure, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. They will make sure that your pet is protected against viruses and bacteria. If your cat might meet other cats during your journey, have them vaccinated against the feline leukemia virus.

If your car has special treatment or eats special food, make sure you bring enough.

If your are travelling abroad in Europe, you will need a European pet passport that ensures that they're vaccinated against rabies and that they're identified with a microchip.


Make sure that your cat is protected against parasites. It would be such a shame to have your vacation ruined because of fleas or eczema. Two weeks before departure, apply a single-dose of antiparasitic agent.

Getting ready to go... discreetly

When you are packing for vacation, it can be stressful for your cat. Make sure that you always keep your suitcase closed. An open suitcase looks just like a comfy bed... or litter box!

Travel box

To help your cat get used to their travel box, use it as a piece of furniture. Your cat will be used to having it around, having a nap on or inside it, and when you are going away, they will feel better in a cage that they're used to seeing around everyday.

Photo credit : Yummypets

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