The Sphynx cat is an unusual cat that surprises everyone! Yummypets tells you more about this cat like no other in both its physical and its character...

A mystery hovers over its origins... We do not know exactly when completely hairless cats were observed for the first time. However, archaeologists found engravings from the pre-Columbian era representing this breed!

It was only much later, in 1936, that a completely hairless cat was born from a regular alley cat in the United States. In 1966, people tried to breed them unsuccessfully. After extensive study of these cats, a Dutchman, Hugo Hernandez, managed to introduce and set the breed in 1973.

The Sphynx is the result of a natural genetic mutation.

Their total lack of hair is not their only special feature! Indeed, their head is very different from other cats: it is longer than it is wide and triangular. It has very large ears and very expressive eyes, lemon-shaped. Its legs are long and slender and its tail looks like a rat's.

To overcome problems due to lack of hair, the Sphynx has a thicker skin than other cats. It is also richer in collagen and sebum.

The Sphynx can be any color. The color of its skin is the one it's hair would have been.

Although its appearance may put some people off, you should know that the Sphinx is a very loving and loyal cat. It loves to snuggle up on his owners' shoulders. Aficionados says its skin is very soft! It is also a very intelligent cat. Despite its lack of mustache, it is an excellent hunter.

Contrary to what one might think, the Sphynx is not more fragile than other cats. However, the only significant concern obviously is its skin. Since it loves sunbathing, ensure that is not exposed too long. The application of a sunscreen is also recommended. Be careful not to let it go outside when it is cold even though some specimens love snow!

Well, now you know almost everything about this very original cat!

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