Several reasons may explain the behavior of your kitty ... This behavior can be very annoying for you, especially regarding the smell. But know that nothing is irreparable if we take the problem at the source!

Not weaned properly :

This is the most common reason. Separated from their mother too early ( 7-8 weeks), the kitten has not had time to learn the rules of cleanliness and use the litter box.

To remedy this, you must use tricks to lure them to use their litter :

- Cats are attracted by the smell of bleach. So prepare their litter by adding a few drops of diluted bleach. However, so that your efforts are completely useless, do not clean your home with bleach!

- If the first solution does not work, you can also leave your cat for 4-5 days in a room with their litter, food, and water. After a while, your cat will naturally go to the litter box. However, be sure to put their bowl and basket far enough away from their litter: cats are proud animals that do not sleep and do not eat near their excretion!

Marking their territory

Observe your cat urinating. If they are standing and the jet is horizontal, it means that they are marking their territory. There may be several causes for this problem: a move, the arrival of a new member in the household (a baby or an animal), new furniture...

Unfortunately no miracles here, be patient and try to reassure them. You can also use pheromone dispensers or homeopathic antistress to relax them.

Their litter does not suit them :

If you notice your cat urinating in a crouched position, it may be that your cat does not like their litter .

Maybe you changed the place that their litter tray was, or changed the brand of the litter? If this is the case, return to the previous model.

It is also possible that a new cat made ​​their appearance in the home. So just add a litter box that will be dedicated to them specifically. It is recommended that each cat has their own litter.

Of course, remember to clean the litter box regularly and put it in a quiet place where there is little movement.

Health problems:

Unneutered cats generally have hormone problems. Neutering or spaying should solve the problem.

Other physical problems such as cystitis, urinary tract infection or diabetes can also cause cats to pee everywhere. If you think this is the case with your cat, consult a vet as soon as possible.

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