Online photography magazine COOPH recently teamed up with pet photographer Anne Geier to offer 8 quick and easy photography tips for snapping our pooches. Take a look at their video here!

Learning the art of dog photography

We all count our pets as family and can't get enough of those cheeky looks, hilarious positions, proud poses, and all-round cuteness. But capturing them in a single moment can sometimes prove tricky!

To help pet parents quickly and easily learn some tricks of the trade, cooperative of photography COOPH teamed up with the incredible animal photographer Anne Geier.

Looking at Anne's website and portfolio of images, you can see why they chose her to help pet parents snap the best pictures of their furry loved ones.

Take a look at the video below to see 8 tips for dog photography and quickly become your very own pro pet photographer!

What tips do you have for capturing your fur friend?

Video courtesy of COOPH and Anne Geier

Image courtesy of Anne Geier


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    Valerie D I like the clonimg 🐶🐶🐶 but really all your pics were really nice🐕