You would never think that two beautiful cats would have the time of day for a snail. While lounging outside in the sun, these two prove the one thing we know about cats wrong; they will make friends with anyone!

In the video, we can see Mr Snail sitting casually on the paw of the white cat while he is grooming his friend. With his eyes closed, having a great time! Nothing beats relaxing with your two best friends, right?

The friend is however more interested in the snail than in his bestie. He sniffs and licks the snail, giving him a lot of love! When it becomes a bit too much for Mr Snail, the white cat moves his paw so his friend can’t reach the snail anymore.

Perhaps he was getting a bit jealous that the snail was getting all of the attention! We could just imagine him asking for his turn.

After having met in the garden, it doesn't look like Mr Snail wants or needs to make a getaway; instead he seems to be enjoying the attention and looks very comfortable with his two new friends! Another plus of being in this friendship group is the free facials he gets from his feline friends!

Source: YouTube

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    Kashif H Why doesn't the cat eat the snail? I would.