We are so excited to announce the launch of the Voice program in Canada! Let's raise clicks to feed animals!

Voice, Yummypets' click-to-donate program

The Voice program first started in 2017 in France. Back then, the goal was to raise clicks to help cat shelters and rescues spay and neuter cats. Then, in 2020, the Voice program evolved and began raising clicks to feed rescue animals instead. Not long after, in late 2021, Voice launched in the United States! This month, we are so happy to launch the program in Canada!

How does this click-to-donate program work?

  1. During the entire month of October, you can click on the "Click to give" button daily to help the participating organizations raise clicks for pet food. It is not necessary to create a Yummypets account to click. However, if you have a Yummypets account, your clicks are doubled! The best part is that it does not cost a thing and show your support!
  2. If the organizations reach 100% by the end of the month, they receive 110 lb of pet food!

These four Canadian organizations are participating in October!

Marley's Pet Rescue

Marley’s Pet Rescue is a volunteer run, non-profit organization based in Ontario, Canada. We are a foster based pet rescue helping animals in need. We believe in promoting animal welfare advocacy & finding forever homes for animals.

Marley’s Pet Rescue

Wag-A-Muffins Animal Rescue

Wag-A-Muffins Animal Rescue is a not-for-profit, no-kill, volunteer-run organization focused on helping provide care for animals in need. Our operation runs entirely through foster homes and all donations go directly to the animals we save. We were founded in 2018, by a group of 6 dedicated members looking to change the face of rescues to be more transparent, ethical, and responsible.

Wag-A-Muffins Animal Rescue

Loved At Last Dog Rescue

LALDR rescues homeless dogs from within BC and from numerous countries around the world and finds them loving and responsible homes within BC.

Loved At Last Dog Rescue

Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society

We take in unwanted dogs and cats and find them new homes after all of their vet care and behavioural care is down. We also help low income owners access vet care, food, and doghouses. We educate on force free training and handling of animals and responsible pet ownership.

Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society

Are you an animal welfare organization?

Join the Voice program by filling out this form!

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