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A gosling is freed thanks to the police

Officer James Givens has been in the Cincinnati police for a quarter of a century, but in 26 years of working there, he never had an experience like this one. It was a normal Monday…


A kayak for dogs

We all have a passion that excites us beyond anything else. Painting? Woodwork? Trainspotting? In many cases, our favourite hobbies can be even further improved with a companion at our side…


Pope Francis photobombed by a dog!

If you need that little bit extra motivation to get through to the weekend, let us give you the chance to put a smile back on your face with this photo of Pope Francis being photobombed by…

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Hepatitis in cats

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver that might also touch cats. Learn about the symptoms, causes and treatments of hepatitis in cats.

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Do you know about Zootherapy?

Dog is human's best friend, it is well known! But did you know they also have the capacity to help the most vulnerable people? Leo led the…

Discover Cat Agility!

A month ago, we told you about Dog Agility. This sport is not only for dogs, but also for cats!
 Kim, Gaia's owner from…


Zoologists work at the crossroads of other areas: agriculture, environment, aquaculture, ecology, anatomy, so they…


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DIY - Homemade dog treats

Here is another dog treat recipe to spoil your furry friend! Don't forget to send us your own homemade pet food recipe!