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He rescues a dog and ends up in court

On a shopping center parking lot in Commerce, California, Michael Hammons 46 years old veteran, sees a Yorkshire inside a rapidly heating car... Tens of people where alarmed by the situation when…

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A Collie adopts an orphan Fox cub

This touching story began when a couple found a 3 weaks old wounded fox cub, alone in the middle of the road. His mother had just been killed in a car crash... They couldn't simply let him in the…

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30 dangerous foods for cats and dogs!

As we all know, it is extremely difficult to resist our doggies when they call a small piece of what's on the table. But can our pets eat whatever we may eat? I've always heard of chocolate as a…


Canned tuna can kill your cat!

If you give your cat tuna, you may ignore that, on the long run tuna can kill your pet! Indeed, canned tuna found in stores contain to much salt for your pet. You can find special canned tuna in…

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DIY - Dapper pet collar

Because sometimes pets want to dress to impress too, here is a great tutorial by Belrossa to create your pets' dapper collars! It takes 5 minutes…


Description The zoologist studies the habitats and characteristics of animals and wildlife. He observes behaviors,…

Discover Cat Agility!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] month ago, we told you about Dog Agility. This sport is not only for dogs, but also for cats!

Do you know Zootherapy?

Dog is humans best friend, it is well known! But did you know it also has the capacity to help the most…


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Kibble dispensing toys

Used for cats, dogs, but also ferrets,  kibble dispensing toys are attracting more and more people. Yummypets offers to…

Shopping - Cupcakes for dogs!

Dogs are fond of treats. Of course we should not give them too much or they'll have weight problems. Luis, our Portuguese…

DIY easy cat toy

DIY easy cat toy: Want to please your big cat? Today Yummypets shows you the easiest DIY ever to make your cat completely…