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Lazy cats at the top of their game

What a tough life ! Sleeping, feeding, getting cuddled, sleeping again, feeding again... Our kitty friends can easily feel overwhelmed ! Graphic demonstration : See more lazy cats in action,…

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  • This unexpected friendship will make you melt!

  • An orca imitates a boat!

  • Knock, knock... =^.^=

  • If humans behaved like cats


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How to feed an elderly cat?

According to your cat's lifestyle, age, environment, his nutritional needs may vary. It is therefore important to know the basics in order to maintain your cat's health and prolong his life. When…

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Which cat litters choose?

You may not know but there is a multitude of different cat litters for your kitty. Yummypets helps you see more clearly... Mineral cat litters: They consist of small granules of natural clay.…

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Description The zoologist studies the habitats and characteristics of animals and wildlife. He observes behaviors, lifestyles. Their researches…

Do you know Zootherapy?

Dog is humans best friend, it is well known! But did you know it also has the capacity to help the most vulnerable people? Leo led the investigation…

DIY - Dapper pet collar

Because sometimes pets want to dress to impress too, here is a great tutorial by Belrossa to create your pets' dapper…

Discover Cat Agility!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] month ago, we told you about Dog Agility. This sport is not only for dogs, but also for cats!


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