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6 Reasons not to punish your cat

It can be very frustrating for a pet parent when their cat behaves badly. Instinctively, you move to punish them, but there are very good reasons why this is neither the most efficient nor…


Geek & Animals

Top 10 biggest dog breeds

Do you like big dogs? Today we're going to tell you all about the Top 10 biggest dog breeds that exist! The measurements that follow are the average height of the dog breeds and not the…

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Training Tips

Which sport for your dog?

Sport for dogs is just as important for them as it is for us. As well as being beneficial for their physical wellbeing, it also stimulates their mental faculties and aids their…


Symptoms & Diseases

Typhus in cats

Typhus is a disease that can be fatal for cats, particularly for kittens that haven't been vaccinated. Typhus being one of the more serious diseases that a cat can catch,…

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Do you know about Zootherapy?

Dog is human's best friend, it is well known! But did you know they also have the capacity to help the most vulnerable…


Zoologists work at the crossroads of other areas: agriculture, environment, aquaculture, ecology, anatomy, so they…


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