Cats typically prefer to eat in small quantities several times a day. While it isn't too hard to feed them several times a day when you are home, it's complicated when you are away. To make your life easier, there are cat feeders that distribute dry cat food when you can't serve the food to your cat.

But with many different types of cat feeders on the market, how do you choose an automatic cat feeder that fits your needs? In this article, we will help you choose the best one for you.

To begin with, it's important to point out that there isn't a universal model that is perfect for everyone. Like we mentioned before, there are several different kinds of cat feeders on the market. There are cheaper models and more expensive models and there are different designs that seem perfect to one person but are seen as ugly for another. However, choosing the right automatic cat feeder for you cat is very simple. It needs to fit not only your cat's lifestyle but your lifestyle as well. For example, if you want to use an automatic feeder that has enough space to feed your cat while you're at work, it wouldn't be the same size as a cat feeder that dispenses enough food for a 4-day vacation. You need to take these things into account when choosing an automatic cat feeder.

The capacity of the kibble container

If you want your cat feeder to be able to dispense enough food for several days in a row without needing to be refilled, you should choose a specific model with a large enough container. That way it will be able to hold the most amount of food possible. However, even if some kibble dispensers can feed your cat for several days in a row, this does not mean that you never have to be there for your cat! It is not recommended to leave your cat alone for more than two days. It's also important to provide your cat with enough water before you go on vacation. There are water fountains that exist to help you with this.

The portion size

If your pet is spayed or neutered, or if they are on a strict diet, there are kibble dispensers with compartments. For this type of cat feeder, you would pour all the doses in each compartment and the food will be distributed to your pet with the help of a wheel. A cat that is spayed or neutered has less nutritional needs than a cat that is not. Also, spayed or neutered cats are more prone to being overweight. For this reason, it's important to ask your veterinarian for the right portion size to give your cat. In addition, the amount that you feed your cat also varies depending on the breed of your cat and its current weight. If you regulate the amount of food that comes out of the feeder, your cat will not overeat.

A cat checking its weight on a scale

Programmable automatic cat feeders

Just like feeders with different compartments, programmable kibble feeders also allow you to regulate how much your cat eats. It also allows you to program the exact time that you would like the kibble to be distributed. With some models, it is even possible to program it when you aren't at home via a remote control or a smartphone. When food comes out at the same time each day, your cat will understand their routine!

Entertaining automatic cat feeders

Why not combine your cat's two main activities, playing and eating? Yes, it's possible! There are elaborate automatic cat feeders that appeal to your cat's playfulness. For example, there are cat feeders in the form of balls that can be rolled to drop kibbles. This also allows your cat to exercise. They will even feel rewarded. There are also dispensers that allow you to record your voice, comforting your cat before they eat. This is very reassuring and your cat will feel less lonely.

The quality

Another set of features to take into consideration is the overall quality of the cat feeder. It is important to choose a dispenser that is solid so that your cat does not ruin it easily. Typically, the price of an automatic cat feeder varies between $20 for the more basic models to $130 for the more sophisticated models.

And you? What kind of automatic cat feeder would you choose and why?

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