Did you know that dogs can be epileptic as well?

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by epileptic seizures. The seizures usual become more serious and violent with time.

Causes of dog epilepsy

First, it is necessary to be aware of the difference between a convulsive seizure and an epileptic seizure. Epileptic seizures are characterized by convulsions but convulsions may have different causes, such as food poisoning or brain tumor.

There isn't a way to clearly diagnose epilepsy in dogs, but by eliminating all the other causes of convulsions the veterinarian will  identify epilepsy.

Certain breed are more likely to have epilepsy, such as labrador retrievers, poodles, german shepherds or golden retrievers.

What to do during an epileptic seizure

Most of the time, during an epileptic seizure, the dog falls on the side, convulses, drools (slaver) and relieves themself. Generally, the seizure only lasts a few minutes but the dog might need several hours to recover.

Do not try to touch the dog during the seizure or while they're recovering, as the situation will only get worse and they might bite you. The only useful thing you can do is to take away objects that might hurt your pet. Turn off the light and make sure that the room is quiet: aural and visual simulations must be avoided.


Your veterinarian will prescribe your dog a treatment only if his epilepsy is severe (at least one seizure per month).

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