Most children love pets - especially dogs that make great playmates! But it is true that some dog breeds get along better with children than others. So if you're looking to adopt a family pooch, here are 10 of the best dog breeds for children!

These days, it's relatively easy to bring yourself up to speed on the characteristics of various dog breeds. And it's an important first step to take before adopting any new pet to ensure the fit is right for both your family and the animal.

Choosing the right dog for your young family

Many families adopt a dog not only for the joy and love they experience with their pet, but also to help children learn many wonderful qualities. These can include trust, responsibility, self-esteem, care, and how to play, just to name a few.

With so many different types of dogs to choose from these days, it's also important not to neglect mixed-breeds in your search. A mixed-breed from your local shelter may well be the perfect dog for your home - and the perfect forever home for them!

You can help find the best fit for your family, especially if a mixed-breed has one or more breeds in its DNA that are known to be good with children.

To help you learn a little more about various dog personalities, we've compiled a list of 10 of the top dog breeds that get along well with children. Let's take a look below, in no particular order!

10 Top dog breeds for children

1. English Bulldog

If you're looking for a calmer dog breed for your family then the English Bulldog could be the perfect fit! Loyal, obedient, and incredibly sweet, this loving breed gets along with young and old, and everyone in between, including other dogs! A low-endurance breed, they will still need exercise and a good amount of stimulation at home - hello kids!

2. Collie

Made famous thanks to the TV show 'Lassie', Collies today are very popular breeds. From the 'Lassie' (Rough Collie) to the Border Collie and many more of the shepherd family, this energetic breed is very loyal, protective and incredibly loving of their family. They are a highly intelligent dog and train very well (you never know when you need to herd those children up!). They have a very sweet temperament and boundless energy - something you'll need to be prepared for unless your children are the same!

3. Beagle

Like most children, Beagles have tonnes of energy and don't tire of games! Naturally happy, friendly and intelligent, these smaller-sized dogs balance their energy with a wonderfully calm temperament - play-time, quiet time nailed! Their excellent sense of smell can lead to a few games of chase, which will work well in the backyard with the kids, otherwise some good obedience training should lend a helping hand. Follow some of the Beagles on Yummypets here!

4. Golden Retriever

It almost goes without saying - the Golden Retriever is an all-time family favourite! You can only understand why anyone, especially kids, would for fall for this extremely patient, gentle, intelligent, fun, golden coated breed! Golden Retrievers are a wonderful combination of energetic and docile (watch out potential couch potatoes!), and really do make incredible best friends for children!

5. Irish Setter

Irish Setters will have no troubles keeping up with energetic children who love plenty of exercise and running about! They are happiest surrounded by their family with access to a large, open garden. Friends and visitors to your home will be greeted with love, but let's not kid anyone - they will love no one quite like their family, especially energetic children!

6. Poodle

Equally known for their elegance and intelligence, Poodles are a patient, loyal and loving breed. They treat children as their own and will love to play, walk, run, or snuggle together. Training comes easily to this breed and tricks will most certainly be enjoyed by the kids! Poodles are also ideal for any family members suffering from allergies.

7. Vizsla

Popular in Europe, the Vizsla is a beautifully elegant breed and a perfect combination of energy and gentleness in character. Very loyal to their family with a sweet and playful nature, the kids will have a great time teaching their new fur friend new and fun tricks. Another intelligent breed, their obedience is well received and often used as a good example for those unruly children...

8. Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier is often and unfortunately given the misleading title of being an aggressive breed - more than anything, it comes down to the animal's upbringing and experience in life. In fact, Bull Terriers were bred as companion animals. These loving, protective and lively dogs are very active and love loads of affection. Additionally, they are often recommended for highly energetic and boisterous children due to their patience and desire for exercise and play. Being loyal and protective of their family, Bull Terriers also make excellent guard dogs!

9. Newfoundland

Gentle, patient and calm, this huge teddy bear-like dog inspired the famous 'Nana' in the Children's classic Peter Pan (despite Nana actually being a St. Bernard)! Newfoundlands love children and treat them as part of their own litter. They are recognised as one of the most intelligent dog breeds, however be prepared to get slobbered on! You'll need a good set a hair gloves too, but otherwise these enormous dogs come with enormous hearts to match and you'll all quickly fall in absolute love!

10. Labrador Retriever

Another incredibly popular family dog, Labrador Retrievers have very similar dispositions to Golden Retrievers and simply adore children. Labs sometimes even outrank their Golden fellows as the most popular dog breed in many parts of the world! But when it comes to a Lab and their playful, patient, loving, intelligent, smart and sweet nature... What more can you really ask for?!

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What breed do you love most for children?

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