Summertime is here, and you might plan to go on vacation with your pet. If you are about to leave for one of the 28 European countries, then you will need a European pet passport.

European pet passports are given out by veterinarians, either when you identify or vaccinate your pet. To obtain their passport, your pet has to be identified with a microchip and be vaccinated against rabies.

Pet passports are only intended for dogs, cats and ferrets.

The European pet passport is a small blue booklet, with the European yellow stars on the cover. It's written in English (plus another language if the pet is from a non-English speaking country). It includes :

  • the name and description of the pet
  • the form of identification (microchip is mandatory to travel in Europe since 2012)
  • name and address of the owners
  • a unique pet number
  • your pet's other vaccinations and medical background (not mandatory)

Please note : if you plan to travel in Ireland, United-Kingdom, Sweden or Malta, you need to treat your pet against tapeworms maximum 120 hours before your departure.

Passports cost between 8 and 20€.

photo credit : J.M de Ledrem SIPA 

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