For some cat owners who have a garden, their cat may prove to be very canny in escaping to this lush, green corner of paradise!

It is important to know that gardens can be a source of danger for cats. If you wish to let them out, you should restrain them from accessing the risky parts of your garden where they could get injured.

As a precaution, put a collar on your cat with an engraved pendant with your address on it in case your cat gets lost and they are not tattooed or microchipped. The collar must have a plastic part to prevent the cat from choking. Try to find a collar with a bell which will warn the birds of their presence.

You should also treat your cat with an antiparasitic so that they will be protects from flea attacks!

If your cat lives in total liberty between the house and the garden, install a cat-flap that will allow them to come and go as they please.

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The garden

You must first make a space that is just for your cat. You can put some cat grass there, and make sure that it is half in the sunlight, and half in the shade.

If you have a vegetable plot, your cat could be attracted to the overturned earth, the direct sunlight and small animals such as field mice.

In order to prevent your cat from getting at your greens, use citrus as a natural deterrent. Instead of throwing away your orange or lemon skins, place them around your vegetable plot to keep your cat away.

Cat's don't like the smell of lavender nearly as much as we do. Plant some lavender near your cabbage patch and your cat will suddenly want to wander around the other end of the garden!

You should pay attention to which plants you put in your garden because though they may be pretty, some can have grave effects on the health of your cat. In case of ingestion, take your cat to the vet as a matter of emergency.

The most common dangerous plants to cats are: Box tree - Ivy - Sirocco - Philodendron - Amaranth - Cyclamen - Nimtree - Rhododendron - Aconite - Fig tree - Solanum - Monstera deliciosa - Azalea - Lily of the valley - Oleander - Lily - Iris - Hyacinth - Jasmine - Daffodil.

If you have a sand box in your garden, your cat will want to relieve themselves in it. Cover your sandbox with tarpaulin to keep it clean.

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In the trees

Cats are excellent climbers thanks to their powerful hind legs as well as their strong back. A cat will climb into trees to hunt or to defend themselves from other predators, just like wild cats.

However, a cat will find it hard to get down from a tree because of their front legs, that are much weaker in comparison.

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