If you want to find a purebred, first of all try to adopt one from a shelter!

If you can't, the choice of the breeder is very important. If you want a purebred puppy with no bad surprises, you must be very demanding during the search of the puppy farm. To judge the quality of it, there are criteria to take into account:

Choose a passionate person

A breeder cannot be totally passionate and an expert on many breeds. So if the breeder has more than four different breeds, beware! The breeder should talk with pleasure about the breed you are interested in and their dogs. They must know the breed perfectly including genetic problems that are common to it and give you advice at the time of sale. They should answer all your questions accurately and ask you some in return because a good breeder will not sell one of their puppies unless the lifestyle is suitable for the puppy and its future life. If your questions seem to bother them, choose another breeder!

Comment reconnaitre un bon éleveur ? Nos conseils.

See it yourself

The best way to estimate the quality of breeding is to make an appointment and go there in person to get an overview of the places where the animals live, how the breeder works and the pet's character. Ask to see all the babies, and they must be happy, plump with shiny hair but also at least one of the parents must be present. If not, ask yourself questions about the origin of puppies...

Ask to see the animals 'put to bed' to see how they are treated. Ask about the number of litters, knowing that every 6 months or every year is not very suitable. An animal is not a baby machine!

Also, your pet must have a pedigree, have all papers and a health card issued by a veterinarian. That said, do not be fooled by the trophies and medals that can be simple dressing rather than real guarantee of quality.

Beware of the breeders intructions: "hold it in your arms! " especially with children. Unscrupulous breeders know how adorable are these little fur balls and do not hesitate to use them to make you buy. You must remain lucid throughout the visit and resist the temptation   as you know that an animal should never be adopted on a whim!

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