The presence of a cat at home allows children to acquire responsibilities but also develop their sociability. A cat is a real investment in a family and needs attention - the benefits outweigh all else!

Being responsible

It would be of interest to involve your child in the education of your cat. Teaching your child to take care of your cat, feeding them, paying attention to them, they will unconsciously learn to respect and be aware of others around them. You can give responsibility to your child, and under your supervision, allow them to be in charge of feeding your pet. This will reinforce the link between them and also make your child feel more valued and responsible.

Better health

Studies have shown that children raised in the same environment as a cat are less likely to develop allergies and respiratory issues such as asthma.

It is still however necessary to take your cat to the veterinary in order to ensure that they remain healthy.


Cats are very playful animals, particularly when they are young. They need to expend all their energy in order to be able to relax. Your child will be an excellent companion for your cat and vice versa - they will tire each other out! Your child will be able to play around, run around with them and throw them balls to catch. You should probably be present during these sessions to check on the behaviour of both your child and your cat. Sudden movements may scare your cat who may react by scratching or biting. Children also should be prevented from playing with a cat who is or is getting tired.

Calming your child 

The presence of a cat in the home has the reputation of calming the people that live in it. Professionals agree that a cat's purr can have the effect of reducing stress, anxiety and insomnia. It is true that the presence of a cat can calm their pet parents and reduce arterial tension when stroked. Many benefits have also been noticed for pregnant women experiencing anxiety and stress.

What relationship does your child have with your cat?

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