If your cat was not spayed before going into heat, she may be pregnant. Here's how to tell.

For pregnant female cats, gestation lasts around nine weeks, which is not very long. However, you may be able to spot changes linked to pregnancy shortly after the start of gestation.

Whether or not you think your cat is pregnant, here are five signs to look out for:

#1 Is it the season? 

Cats generally go into heat during the warmer months and once they have achieved around 80% of their adult weight. If you have a female in heat, she will be obsessed with going out and finding a partner. She will miaow loudly and roll around on the ground a lot during this time. She will also aim to leave her scent by rubbing up on things.

#2 Pay attention to their mammaries

A pregnant female will start to develop inflated mammaries (or nipples) about three weeks after fertilisation. The mammaries may become larger, pinker or darker. Mammaries transform in this way so that the kittens can find them more easily when feeding on their mother's milk.

#3 Morning sickness? 

The dreaded morning sickness. This isn't only isolated to humans, cats can also suffer from it too. If you suspect that your cat may be pregnant and she suddenly takes to being ill (not always isolated to the mornings), this may be a very clear sign she is carrying a little and you will want to see your vet quickly. Only a vet can confirm a pregnancy, and in moments of doubt it's always best to consult a specialist.

#4 A larger tummy

Again, if you have any suspicions and if your cat seems to have put on weight, particularly around the mammaries and belly, it is best to get her off to the vet for a test.

If you notice changes to your cat's gait (or walk), it may be that her inflated belly has caused her balance and posture to change. You should avoid touching her belly so as not to harm the foetuses.

#5 Changes in behaviour

You may notice some behavioural changes in your cat. Signs of maternal instincts (nesting), changing mood, and overall attitude changes can all be signs that your cat is pregnant. She may need a lot of affection and is likely to seek out your attention regularly. Conversely, she may become solitary.

If any of these changes take place and you begin to suspect your cat may be pregnant, take the safest route and have her examined by your vet.

Have you ever guessed your cat was pregnant?

Source : Iheartcats.com

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