A relaxed dog is a healthy dog, and a healthy dog is a happy dog. Massaging your pet can be a great way to help them stay at the top of their game! Why not try it out?

Before the message

Firstly, choose a calm moment to massage your dog. He or she needs to be comfortable being handled.

Your hands can be a great way to help your pet, a massage has the same effect on your dog as it would on a human!

You shouldn’t try and massage your dog when they’re excitable, but you should also leave them alone straight after exercise when they appear to be resting.

If he or she doesn’t like being touched in certain areas then don’t insist!

How to massage your dog

Massages can be done on different areas of the body including the ears, neck, head, chest…you can adapt it to suit your dog

Here is some advice for a basic massage:

Let you dog lie down by your side. Start by stroking him or her so they completely relax.

Next, massage their neck. This is a useful step for dogs who tend to pull on their lead. Use circular movements with the tips of your fingers, without applying too much pressure.

You can then begin to massage their shoulders, this is an area they find hard to reach themselves, meaning they will appreciate your help.

After the shoulders, you can move on to the chest and paws. It should be noted that some dogs don’t appreciate having their paws handled and so this step should be adapted to their reactions.

Massage their back moving downwards from the shoulders, making little circular movements around their spine.

To finish, if your dog is happy for your to do so, you can rub their rear paws.

massage chien

The benefits

While it is nice to spend quality time with your dog, massages actually have specific benefits for your pet.

A massage can sooth aching and tight muscles, contributing to their overall wellbeing. Massaging can also help blood flow and circulation around the body.

Finally, while massaging, you may discover a painful area that needs attention or even a potential tumour which could even save a life.

Do you massage your dog?

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