Welcoming a puppy into your home is a moment that should not be taken lightly. This moment is as important to your puppy as is is to you - maybe even more so.

This is probably the first time the at the puppy will be without their mother and siblings, so it is important to adopt only a puppy that has the required minimum age. If they are not old enough, they will not have been weaned properly which could leave to behavioural problems further down the line.

When to adopt a puppy

Adopting a puppy can only take place after the age of 8 weeks, though it is recommended to wait until the age of 12 weeks so that the puppy can be entirely weaned from their mother. Just like for cats, this period is very important. They will learn to socialise with their own kind as well as humans. Premature weaning can lead to behavioural issues such as incontinence, separation anxiety, hyperactivity or aggressiveness. It is the mother that, during these 12 weeks, teaches the puppy to be independent, but also the rules of playing and eating.

The best time to adopt a puppy

Female dogs go into heat usually at the beginning of fall until the first half of winter, twice a year. Puppies are therefore born in the middle of winter and are weaned at the beginning of the spring.

The arrival of a puppy in a family means having to organise life to a higher degree of detail. The arrival of a puppy in the spring allows the household to become organised during the summer holidays. It is important to take into consideration the arrival of the puppy during holidays. Certain establishments do not accept pets while others do. In the case of a refusal, you will need to make other arrangements for your puppy.

Spring is the ideal time to adopt a puppy because they will be able to enjoy your presence as well as the better weather in order to explore the garden. It is important to spend time with your puppy in order to domesticate them and put them at ease in their new environment.

 Have you ever adopted a puppy?


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