Today, find out about the bengal cat breed, a small domesticated leopard!

The Bengal cat is born in the 1960's, from a cross between a leopard Bengal cat and a domestic cat. Thereafter, in order to determine certain physical characteristics, there also were other crosses with the Egyptian Mau, the Burmese and Siamese. In 1985, the first Bengal cat was presented in a show, the success was immediate. In 2009, the Bengal cat was very successful in Europe and especially in England.

Bengal cat and chihuahua puppy

The Bengal is a very active and talkative cat.

The Bengal cat has a very athletic and muscular body, it has a small round head and is a very active cat. It is very dynamic and it needs to play and exercise its hunting skills. It is also very curious, but it can also be very affectionate, especially with children and other animals. The Bengal also, bizarrely, loves the water!

There are 2 type of coat patterns:

Brown spotted tabby: spots shaped as paws, arrow tips or rings.
Marble: the patterns are shaped in butterfly wings that stretch horizontally, giving a marble effect.
A bengal's coat is short and silky.

This is a cat that will thrive in an apartment or in a home with children or other animals, but you must be ready to play with them often because they like to exercise.

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