Cats are very unique pets. They have their own personality, tastes, and preferences. However, there are some things that cats truly cannot tolerate. In this article, we will go over 8 of them!

1. A dirty litter box

Cats are very clean animals. They spend their days grooming themselves by licking nearly every inch of their body. So, if there is something that cats absolutely hate, it's uncleanliness. As cats are clean freaks, they are quick to be disgusted with anything dirty. This is especially true when it comes to their litter box. This is their sacred place.

Cats have a particular way to do their business. For them to do their business comfortably, the area needs to be clean and pleasant. A dirty litter box is something that cats do not tolerate well. If the litter box is extremely dirty, they could even refuse to do their business in the litter box and do it on the floor instead. 

To learn how to keep your litter box clean and help it last longer, you can read this article: How to make your kitty litter box last longer

2. Being wet

Even though there are a few exceptions, most cats do not enjoy being wet. In fact, some cats have a true dislike for water. Sometimes, even a few droplets of water is enough to make them run away. There are several theories that explain why cats are like this towards water. One reason is that in the past, cats were species that lived in the desert because they originate from the Middle East. They lived primarily in dry areas, with not a lot of areas with water. However, some cats are truly fascinated by water and its movements. Yes, cats are truly curious creatures. Have you ever noticed your cat staring at running water? 

You can read more about how cats feel about water in this article: Is it true that cats don't like water?

3. Loud noises

Cats are calm creatures. We can even compare cats to yoga masters or people who meditate. For cats to live happy lives, they need to have peace and quiet. A loud atmosphere will make them feel uneasy. Moreover, cats have great hearing. Other than the fact that cats hate loud noises, it can also cause them long term stress or anxiety. It should not be taken lightly. If you want to listen to loud music, consider listening to it in a different room.

4. Balloons

These are very strange objects for cats. If you place a balloon close to your cat, you might see that they move away as far as they can. Often, cats believe that balloons are dangerous predators that they need to run away from. 

5. Citrus smells

Just like their hearing, cats have a very developed sense of smell. They are very sensitive to odors. While odors like their food do not bother them, some smells absolutely disgust them. For example, cats do not like the smell of citrus fruits. They don't like oranges, mandarines, clementines, or lemons. Sometimes they might even become aggressive because they do not like the odor.

If you do not want your cat in a certain room or touching certain furniture, you can use citrus smells to keep them away from these areas.

6. Cucumbers

Have you ever heard the myth about cats and cucumbers? There are plenty of videos on the internet with cats reacting to cucumbers. But why do cats hate these vegetables? It actually isn't the vegetable itself that scares cats. They are simply afraid of predators. Putting an object behind a cat when they are not expecting it can make your cat surprised. They would be just as afraid of a banana or an eggplant if you place one close to them when they least expect it.

7. Deep looks

When you stare at your cat, it's possible that your cat would not react to it. Our cats really trust us. However, when strangers stare at them, cats do not appreciate this. They see it as a threat. Therefore, their reactions can be unpredictable and aggressive.

8. Getting their belly rubbed

Have you ever noticed that cats do not seem to appreciate having their belly rubbed? With a few exceptions, cats dislike this because their belly is a sensitive area. 

Now you know what kinds of things cats hate. However, remember that you should not scare or confront your cat. This could make them anxious or stressed.

What types of things does your cat hate?


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