Sterilizing your cat is a responsible act, with many advantages. If your are trying to decide whether to spay or neuter your cat or not, here are some reasons that could help you set up your mind.

The advantages of sterilization:

It is a cost-effective solution that reduces stress and discomfort of the cat during heat. This also eliminates the risk of uterine cancer as well as breast cancer.

For males, castration reduces aggression and fighting with other males. The operation also reduces the risk of testicular cancer.

Of course, the sterilization of a cat helps to fight against the overpopulation of stray cats found in shelters for growing animals.


Too many misconceptions about castration

No, a neutered cat does not become amorphous!
No, a cat must not have had kittens before sterilization!
No, a male will not be diminished if it has no testicles!
No, a cat does not change character once her reproductive organs removed ...

If you love your cat, you want it to be healthy as long as possible, sterilize your pet.

Benefits for males:

More jets of urine to mark their territory.
Less fighting, and defense of the territory.
A non-neutered cat regularly leaves in search of a female in heat. It can sometimes run far away and long, which increases the risk of accidents.
Know that the life expectancy of a non-castrated male is divided by 2.


The advantages for females:

More vocalizations to attract males harassing her.
An unsterilized cat can get pregnant every time she goes out
Having repetitive pregnancies is bad for their health.

Taking care of kittens is not a breeze, and can be expensive if they  are sick or on some problems. Shelters are not "storage", there are so many stray cats and cats without a family...

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