When baby arrives, a lot changes inside the house and your cat will have to contend with this new situation. Help them get ready to make sure that they accept these changes.

9 months to get ready

The most surprising thing with cats, is that they are the first ones to know the good news. They sometimes know before you do! During the pregnancy, you might be home more often and spend a lot of time with your cat, cuddling and napping together. For this reason, when the baby arrives, your cat gets the baby blues.

Make sure the nursery's door is closed at least a month before the baby is born. Your cat will understand that they're not supposed to go in there anymore.

Make sure you have enough food and litter at home in case you have to go to the hospital.

When the baby is born

When you are at the hospital have the dad to bring home a piece of fabric (sleep suit or blanket) with the baby's smell on it. Before the baby gets home, your cat will know what they smell like, will know their identity.

Let your cat meet the baby very slowly, always under your supervision. Don't worry, cats are very gentle with babies.

Make sure that you treat your cat the same way whether the baby is there or not. Cats don't feel jealousy, but they will easily understand that you are spending less time with them if you ignore them when you are with the baby.

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