In this article, discover 10 things that you should do with your dog before the summer ends! These activities are not only fun for you, but for your dog as well!

As the weather is still pleasant and warm, there are plenty of awesome activities for dogs and their owners to take part in! 

#1 Go on a weekend trip with your dog

With the days becoming shorter and shorter and the desire to spend time under the sun still present, it's a great idea to go on a trip with your dog before summer truly ends! The weekends are there for us to relax and our dogs can take advantage of this relaxing time as well! Take time to bond together! You can rent a hotel room and enjoy the last weekends of summer! Your dog will absolutely love it. They will definitely enjoy having you all to themselves!

#2 Find a nice beach that allows dogs

If you're like us, the beach is a rejuvenating place. It's relaxing and makes us forget all of our worries. If you are lucky enough to have a dog, it's even easier to completely let go and enjoy yourself. Take some toys and bond with your furry friend! You can even take lots of beautiful photos and share them on Yummypets afterwards! Going to the beach allows your dog to unwind.

Two dogs running at the beach in summer

#3 Think of your dog as a stress-reliever

Are you stressed about work? We understand! But one thing is for sure—you shouldn't stay in this type of mindset! Your dog is a stress-reliever! So, spend time with your dog to unwind and forget about what is stressing you. Cuddles and walks are pleasant moments that will restore your enthusiasm and happiness.

#4 Arrange a photoshoot at sunset

We know that you love taking photos of your dog! Your dog loves looking good in photos as well! At "golden hour", take advantage of the soft and warm light to take sublime photos of your dog! Try to find a place that doesn't have too many people, with a lot of wide open space, so that you can take photos of your dog in all of their splendor. By doing this, you are sharing unforgettable bonding time. Don't forget to share these beautiful photos on Yummypets once you're done! You can find tips on how to take beautiful photos of animals here!

#5 Teach your dog a new trick

In the evening, when you get back from home, it's still bright outside. That's the best time to teach your dog a new trick. You can try teaching your dog tricks such as "sit", "lie down", and "fetch". You can also teach your dog different tricks. Don't forget to reward your dog with treats to show them that they are being a good dog. 

Summer picnic with dog

#6 Go on a picnic with your dog

It's the perfect weather to go for a picnic! You can place a blanket outside at the end of the day and enjoy a meal outdoors. Prepare some treats for your dog and take them with you! They will love having some time out in the open air, and will be happy to enjoy some treats while you're eating as well. 

#7 Organize a playdate with another dog at the park

Take advantage of the last rays of sunlight to go for walks at the park with your dog owner friends. Your dog will be able to socialize more. It's important to offer these types of moments when your dog can spend time with other dogs. Similarly, it'll be nice for you to spend time with friends so that you can talk and laugh as well!

#8 Go on a hike with your dog

Even if you aren't a very athletic person, there are still plenty of places that are enjoyable for hikes. Going on a hike for a couple of hours is beneficial for both you and your dog. It allows you to bond with your dog and escape reality for a bit. Before heading out, make sure to take a water bowl, treats, and a camera to take photos of your dog in front of the magnificent views.

Dog hike outdoors summer

#9 Create a Yummypets profile for your dog

Summer is coming to an end. Do you have lots of photos of your dog to share? You can create a Yummypets profile to post those beautiful photos on. If you already have an account, it's the perfect occasion to post more photos and make more animal-loving friends.

#10 Enjoy a meal outdoors with your dog

Before the temperatures start to get colder, it's nice to be able to enjoy a nice meal outside. You can take your dog outside with you while you eat. They will be so happy to enjoy this bonding time with you, under the sun, with lots of hugs. When doing this, make sure that your dog has food and water as well.

Originally written in French by Charlène Plaut (Yummypets) and translated by Jennifer Eubank (Yummypets).

We hope that these ideas will inspire you to enjoy the last few weeks of summer with your dog. Which idea is your favorite?


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    Penny Paw S What a fantastic post! Summer is such a special time to create lasting memories with our furry companions.Absolutely, I agree more with the suggestions for summer activities with our dogs! Summer is the perfect time to explore new adventures with our four-legged friends. Whether it's a day at the beach, a picnic in the park, or a camping trip, these activities create incredible bonding moments and allow our dogs to enjoy the beautiful weather. And who can resist the idea of sharing an ice cream treat or playing a lively game of fetch in the sunshine? It's all about making the most of these warm days and cherishing the time we have with our loyal companions. So, let's soak up the sun, create precious memories, and make this summer unforgettable for both us and our furry pals!

    Yuksioa L The recommendations for things to do with our pets this summer have my full support. The warmer months are ideal for going on trips with our canine companions. spacebar clicker