Losing a fury friend can be a very worrying and upsetting experience. Here are few tips if your cat goes on a longer adventure than expected!

How to be prepared

One way of being prepared is to give your cat a collar that displays your contact details. However, in the case of the collar falling off of your cat while on an outdoor adventure, getting your feline friends microchipped is important and it is the best chance of getting them back incase they go missing. Make sure to check that your contact details are up to date by phoning the microchip database.

What to do if your cat goes missing

If your cat is an 'indoor" cat, and has escaped outdoors, it is very unlikely that they will go very far. Make sure you thoroughly search through your home and garden first. Still no luck? They could most likely hide in a shed, in a garage or under a car. They might even stay hidden until forced to go out by hunger!

If your cat is microchipped, you can let your microchip database know as soon as possible so they can put a note on your pet’s record for when they are found.

Start your searches as quickly as possible! The more you wait, the further away they could be. Ask your neighbours if they have seen your cat, where and when. You can then ask if they could keep a look out for him/her.

Leave food outside near your door. Don't forget to go out at night, your cat may stay hidden all day and only come out after dark!

Search in good hiding areas, like under cars or behind trash cans, and of course check the trees! Cats are very well known for climbing, but even so, they can get stuck from time to time.

You can also contact your local vets. If your cat has been injured, it is possible that someone has taken them there for treatment.

Make posters and give them out to people from your area, as well as going to rescue centres. Give them details of your cat, your contact details, and the missing poster. Feel free to put up the posters around town. You never know!

Nowadays, thanks to the internet and social media, there are many different missing pet pages and websites online where you can post pictures and details of your cat. The more people on the look-out, the better!

Has your cat ever gone missing?

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