It’s an exciting time when you have decided to add a pet to the family! Many don’t know where to start looking and opt to visit the pet store first. Think again before you do this; consider adopting a pet from a shelter instead! Here are a few reasons from Peta as to why this is the better option.

1. Its Cheaper!

Buying a dog from a breeder or a pet store can be very expensive, especially if they are pure bred animals. It is much cheaper to adopt a dog from a shelter! This money usually goes to helping out other animals that they rescue again later as well. The money you would have spent at a pet shop or breeder can be donated to the shelter. You end up with your new dog and you get to help a charity!

2. Less Vet Time 

When buying a dog from a rescue or shelter, their vaccinations or neutering are usually included in the adoption fee. You won’t have to make the many vet visits and pay as much money then either.


3. Reducing Numbers

It has been reported that up to 6-8 million dogs are living in shelters worldwide. This is a staggering number and you can do your part in helping them out, by giving a dog a loving home!

4. Great Rewards

Every time you look at your new dog, you will be rewarded with their adorable face and the expression of gratitude they are bound to have! Pets give us great satisfaction and it is also great to know that you have saved a life.

5. Variety

If you are unsure what kind of dog would suit your family, going to a shelter is the perfect idea. There are many different breeds and ages, so you have a wide variety to choose from! The people working there should be able to give you some tips and help with your choice as well!

There are many more reasons why adopting is a good idea, so hopefully you will consider this option the next time you are looking for a pet! 

Source and Photo Credit: Peta

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