The French bulldog, otherwise known as the 'Frenchie', continues to be a hugely popular choice of dog. Thanks to their cuteness, owners typically love to show them off, proven by the fact that there are quite a few with their own Instagram and Facebook pages!

The French bulldog: man's best friend 

These stocky little dogs make great companions. Their triangular-shaped ears and very loose skin make them very recognisable and instantly likeable.

A Frenchie’s coat can be cream, black, white, fawn, brindle or piebald (pigmented), and is short and smooth, which doesn’t require a lot of grooming!

Lifestyle: great apartment dogs

French Bulldogs can grow to be around 30cm in height and typically weigh between 9kg and 13kg. They can live up to 10-12 years.

As they are a small breed, they do well with apartment living. They won't need a big back yard but should be taken out daily for walks. This is not only good exercise for them but also important for stimulation from outside smells, people, sights, and experiences.

Personality: easy going

French Bulldogs are very easy-going dogs who are playful and lively. They are curious and alert, but luckily they are not loud or yappy.

Frenchies typically get on well with other pets and strangers, and love to be with family members. However, they do need guidance and a leader to follow; training them from puppy age is highly recommended.

Frenchies don't fare well being ignored, so if you don’t have enough time to spend with your dog, this breed might not be best suited to you.

Maintenance: relatively high

French Bulldogs can be high maintenance when it comes to vet bills, often suffering from one or more health problems.

Typically, Frenchies are prone to the following: joint diseases, heart defects, spinal disorders, heatstroke and eye problems. Many also have breathing problems and snore regularly.

However, with the right diet, environment, lifestyle and necessary treatments, a Frenchie can live a very happy and healthy life. Besides, a Frenchie's love and personality more than makes up for any bill!

What do you love most about Frenchies?

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