The Munchkin cat is a short cat with a fun and playful personality, and a uniqueness that will make you fall in love with the breed!

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The origins of the Munchkin cat

The Munchkin cat originates from the USA. In 1983, a breeder adopted a black cat with very short legs. This cat gave birth to a litter, half of which had the mutation of short legs. It was from this cat, called Blackberry, that this breed developed (with some controversy).

The Munchkin name was taken from the famously happy and short "Munchkins" appearing in the film The Wizard of Oz.

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The physical characteristics of the Munchkin cat

Nicknamed "the sausage cat", they share a similar physique to the Basset Hound. Nevertheless, their small legs don't prevent them from running, jumping or climbing.

The length of the body is average in size and of a rectangular shape that differs slightly between males and females. They weigh on average between 2 and 4 kilos.

There are two types of Munchkin cat: shorthair and mid-length hair. The coat may be any colour, with any shade.

The personality of the Munchkin cat

This is a cat that will be true to its personality for the duration of its life. They are typically very playful and need lots of love.

By nature a socialite, they love living with humans and other animals. But just like any other cat they don't enjoy being bothered excessively. They also don't appreciate others encroaching on their territory, particularly other cats.

Typically, Munchkin cats prefer living indoors, but they will still need to expend their natural energy whether inside or not.

The Munchkin cat is very attached to its parent, often wanting to be stroked or cuddled. They typically like to follow their human, sometimes to the point of being clingy. On the whole, they don't enjoy being left alone and want to play very frequently.

What's your experience with the Munchkin cat?

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