It is a sad day when police officers are killed in line of duty, but also when their canine comrades suffer the same fate. Jethro, the brave K-9 dog, was killed during a burglary shootout in Ohio.

The Burglar Scene

Jethro and his handler, Officer Ryan Davis, went to have a look at a store where an alarm was going off at about 1:13 am. Jethro was shot by burglars soon after he entered the store. The brave dog was shot four times while one bullet hit the bridge of his muzzle and caused brain swelling, which is what killed him.

Jethro Saves His Officer

“There is not a doubt in my mind that that dog saved officers’ lives today,” said Police Chief, Bruce Lawver. Officer Davis, who is a father and a husband, is alive because of Jethro.

 Le corps du chien policier Jethro recouvert du drapeau américain

A Hero

As Jethro’s body was carried from the animal hospital to the car waiting for him, he was saluted by everyone there. His body was covered by an American flag and he was treated like the hero he was! A candlelit vigil was held for the brave dog and everyone was asked to turn on their porch lights for Jethro.

“This is to honour the officer who was killed in place of his partner and human. A father and husband is alive because of him and for this we honour him,” wrote Angel Rae.

RIP Jethro.

Source: Huffington Post

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