Polly, the emaciated and freezing-cold dog, shows her fighting spirit. She surprised everyone with her will to live!

Polly Is Alive

Polly was brought to a shelter by someone who found her still alive. The shelter immediately called the Happy Tails Rescue and founder, Emily Halgrimson, was soon on her way to fetch Polly. Emily then took Polly to the Westchester Animal Clinic, where they often work with rescue animals who don’t have owners to pay for their bills.

Polly was being kept in a room with hot water bottles to keep her warm at the shelter. Emily put blankets and towels in the back of her car to keep Polly warm on the ride to the clinic. Nobody was sure if the poor dog would survive, but Emily saw Polly lift her head in the back of the car and that gave her hope!


At The Vet

Once at the clinic the vet tried to take Polly’s temperature with two different thermometers. They initially thought the first one was broken, but instead it was Polly’s temperature that was in fact very low. After the examination by Dr Reed, he concluded that there was a chance for Polly to survive!

The first step was to set up a warm bed for Polly in a heated room so she could warm up. Next, they started feeding her and giving her small amounts of water. Slowly but surely, she began to eat and drink more every day, and she finally began to recover. The adorable Polly is getting better every day; she has a lot of love to give as well. She loves a belly rub and gets excited when people are near! Polly is even strong enough to walk on her own to her water bowl for a drink!


Polly’s Recovery

Polly is set to make a full recovery; she will now be moved to a short-term medical foster home and then later to a long-term foster home, where she will be up for adoption. Polly was determined to live; she went from being near death to walking in one week!

Emily had this to say about the adorable dog: “When you see her in person you can’t help but think, ‘This dog should not be alive’- she’s that skinny. But there she is, alert and loving and fighting hard every day. A little miracle.”

Thank you to Happy Tails Rescue for all their hard work!

Source: The Dodo

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