There are about 35, 000 stray dogs living in Moscow and some of them are very smart! These dogs are able to move around the city, by using the underground.

Beautiful Stations

The underground in Moscow is famous for the beauty of the different stations, but this is not the only attraction! The number of stray dogs who use the underground is incredible; it is very likely that you will see one under a seat or sitting between two people.

Dogs on Trains

Over time, many dogs have learned to move around the city to where they want to go, by using the metro. The people from Moscow are now used to seeing them every day; you can recognise a tourist by their surprised face!

Stopping at Red Lights

The dogs of Moscow have even learned to stop at red lights. According to Eugene Linden, a specialist in animal intelligence, these are just examples of animal’s ability to think and adapt. He had said that: “They decipher what to do, and they reflect on how to take advantage.” Amazing isn’t it?

Source: Atlantico

Photo: Keystone

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