Could it be that a crocodile has taken up residence in Avon river near Bristol in the UK? It seems that Nessie isn’t the only mysterious beast in the United Kingdom anymore!

The First Sighting

A bus driver claims that he had seen a crocodile in the river 6 months ago. Police did a thorough search of the area and unfortunately they came up empty-handed. The existence of the Bristol beast is shrouded in mystery, especially now that someone claims to have photo evidence of it.

Photo Evidence

Tamara Blanco was jogging along the river when she spotted something strange. She immediately took a photo and concluded that it was the croc everyone was talking about! The photo Tamara got is rather blurry and the subject resembles a plastic bag floating down the river. Tamara however is positive that she has spotted the Bristol beast as it was moving.

She said: “I felt scared at the time because the thing – whatever it was – was moving in the water. I wanted to see it properly but there was no one around and I just didn’t feel comfortable.”


The Expert

Is it possible for a crocodile to survive for 6 months in the Avon river? Crocodile Joe, a crocodile and wildlife expert, thinks that the croc could have survived because of the mild winter they had.

Do you think it is a plastic bag or the Bristol beast itself?

Source: The Guardian

Photo: Tamara Blanco & Thinkstock

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