We all love to visit a spa for a massage every now and then. It leaves us feeling rejuvenated, is great for de- stressing and it has many health benefits as well. This is exactly the same experience for our pets! Find out more about why massages are good for your pets.

Massage for Rehab

Many vets are including massage as a part of their rehab programmes; it is known as a complimentary therapy that works well with all forms of animal healthcare. The health benefits your pet will get through massage are impressive. This type of therapy is mostly popular with dogs and really improves the bond between you and your pet!

Massage for Circulation 

According to PetMassage, massaging your dog can improve their circulation, increase their flexibility and develop muscle tone. It helps to relieve any stiffness or joint discomfort they might have, as well as being great rehab after a surgery or trauma. Touching your dog is a basic need in their lives, it is as important as food or water, so their emotional well-being is boosted through massage too. This is a very natural type of therapy so you do not need much to do this at home.


Massage for Obedience 

PetMassage has found that dogs who get regular massages are more comfortable and at ease. They seem to be healthier, happier and are more open to training. Dogs who are older and don’t get much exercise greatly benefit from this. It is a must with sport and competition dogs, who can only fare better than before. Massaging helps the systems within your dog to function better; it opens the energetic, intercellular and neuromuscular pathways. It involves everything internally and externally, making it a well-rounded experience for your dog.

Massage Workshops

If you are interested in this and you are not sure what to do, PetMassage offers many workshops. There is a home study option for those who don’t have the time to attend a workshop with their pet. If you would like to get your kids involved they have a workshop option for them too! Their website has a lot more information; they have an online store and a blog you can follow.

Have a look on www.petmassage.com 

Photo Credit: petmassage.com / Iheartdogs.com / sploid.gizmodo.com

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