While some cats prefer to lounge on the windowsill, others are more playful and like to keep busy. Playing with toys is a good way for cats to expend their energy, and when done with you, provides a great opportunity for the two of you to bond.

Cardboard boxes, scratchers, and paper bags work wonders as cat play toys. But if you're looking for some other ideas, here are some options you might like to consider thanks the people at Petco (where you can also purchase a range of these options).

Furry mouse

The first option is the stereotypical furry mouse. This toy looks like the real thing and will have your cat playing for hours by pouncing and chasing it around. If you tie a piece of string to it, you can drag the toy along for your cat to run after. This makes a very good workout for your cat too. Whilst not common, make sure your cat doesn't eat the fur as this might cause medical problems later.


Plastic balls

There are many types of balls available for purchase that your cat will enjoy as well. Mylar or plastic balls with bells or catnip inside generally make for even greater cat entertainment. A device like the below picture may even blow their mind!


Fishing poles

Fishing poles or teasers are a great option that also involve you. These usually come with feathers, ribbons or other items that your cat will target as you move the pole around. With this game, your cat will pounce, stalk and chase as well. Playtime is very important for your pet as this allows them to develop and act on their natural instincts, thus satisfying their stimulation needs.



Another great toy, which might not be the first to pop into your head, is a laser. Your cat will focus on the light on the floor and will chase it as you move it around. This one's sure to keep to your cat entertained for hours - so long as you have the stamina!

Enjoy playtime!

What toy does your cat go crazy for?

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