A study by the University of California - Riverside analyzed the sexual behavior of animals in nature. What follows may seem surprising: more animals than we think display homosexual behavior.

This U.S. study is very serious and shows that many species of animals practice sex with an animal of the same sex. And this is rather common.

It is clear, explains biologist Nathan Bailey, that sexual behavior between people of the same sex go far beyond the few known examples that dominate the literature, for example in bonobos, dolphins, penguins and flies.

L'homosexualité chez les animaux

This study shows that 35% of Laysan Albatross are raised by two females, even if they do not rise as many babies as a couples formed  per a male and a female, their efforts have helped to repopulate the island when the population had declined.
Another example, from the vulture, particularly the bearded vulture, a relationship between two males represents 1 in 4 relationships!
Even more incredible, 1 in 2 dolphins have sexual relationships with a partner of the same sex.

L'homosexualité chez les animaux

Homosexuality  to facilitate their social integration.

Nathan Bailey and his colleague Marlene Zuk, both responsible for the investigation, concluded that the reasons for formation of same-sex couples are variable depending on the species:

"For example, they say, the male flies are attracted to other males because they lack a gene enabling them to differentiate the sexes. But it is very different from the dolphins, who engage in same-sex relationships to facilitate social ties in the group. "

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