Considered to be like miniature parrots, Lovebirds are extremely popular birds. You will never see one solo, they are unique in their kind.

The Lovebirds (genus Agapornis ) derive their name from their lifestyle. Indeed, it is highly advisable to buy at least two individuals, a male and a female, rather than a single individual. You can also adopt in pairs : 2 males, 2 females.
Cohesion in their relationship is exceptional. They stay together all their lives and can't stand to be separated from their loved one. The French call them "les Inséparables" which means those who cannot be parted.

A Lovebird rarely survives in solitude.

Lovebirds actually consist of several species with a wide range of colors, due to different mutations. However, Fischer's Lovebird and black head are the birds most frequently encountered. Apart from this difference in color, they form a very homogeneous group with features like a stocky body, short tail and a fairly powerful beak.

Lovebirds can live up to 10 years and make very good companions

It is even possible to make them learn some simple words if they are taught young enough. They can show enough affection when they are hand-reared.

This is a granivorous bird, but it is advisable not to give them only seeds. In addition to seed mix for a large parakeet , you can give them some fruits (apples, grapes, berries ...) and vegetables (carrots , spinach, tomatoes...). You can also give them vitamins and mineral supplements.

In terms of habitat, it's better to install your bird cage in a room where you often go yourself ( eg living room ). It should also be in a high spot, away from drafts and temperature changes. It is essential that the cage has a height of 50cm, and approximately 60 x 40cm. The bottom of the cage should be covered with sand that must be changed regularly.

What do you think of the Lovebirds? Do you have one or do you plan to adopt?

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