Today, Yummypets would like to introduce you to Woofy, a wonderful Yummypets member. She has her own Whatsapp stickers, she has the cutest smile, and she already has around 3,000 followers on all of her social media profiles combined! In this interview, Woofy shares a few fun facts about herself.

To start off with, even though Woofy is a new Yummypets member, she has already participated in a Yummypets photo contest! Have you participated in any of our themed photo contests? So far, this lovely pooch has posted 3 awesome photos on her Yummypets profile! You can follow her and give her tons of yummies by visiting this link. We are so happy to have Woofy on Yummypets.

When, where, and how did you meet Woofy?

On December 13, 2020, I saw an advert from a breeder account. Long short story, on November 25, 2020, I was supposed to meet a dog owner for a dog adoption. However, the owner changed their mind because their kids were sad about giving their dog up for adoption. So, they kept the dog with them. It was good that the dog no longer needed to be rehomed. However, it was a bit sad for me. I couldn't wait any longer to adopt a small dog breed. I live in an apartment and the rules state that you must choose a small dog breed. I had been searching for nearly a year and most of the adoptions were for medium to large dog breeds.

On December 21, 2020, Woofy arrived at our place. Then, on January 4, 2021, I got a message from the dog owner who wanted to give their dog up for adoption, and they decided they couldn't have Bambee. They asked me if I still didn't find a dog. Bambee is the dog’s name, she is also a Miniature Pinscher like Woofy. I wish I could have 2 dogs here, but the rules only allow 1 dog in an apartment building. At that time, I was thinking that maybe I should wait longer, but my partner told me that I had waited long enough, and that Woofy is lucky to have me. I pray for Bambee that she will find a good family for her.

Woofy with her favorite tree

How did you choose her name?

My partner came up with Woofy's name. She's named after a BBC childrens' TV series called Woof! We just added a "Y" to her name. That’s where Woofy's name came from.

Do you have any tips for your fellow Yummypals so that they can look great in their photos?

I always take photos of Woofy when no one is around so that her focus is on me. I also show her treats. This for sure works well with me.

Does Woofy know any tricks?

Until now, Woofy only know basic tricks. We've been trying to teach her to catch treats these past few weeks. She still doesn't know how to catch the treats.

What is your favorite thing about Yummypets?

Yummypets is a good website. I didn't know about it before. Thanks to Twitter, I came across it on the web. You can find any pet's info here and they also have photo competitions.

Whatʼs your best memory with Woofy?

I was in a low situation before and I ended up drunk and passed out. I'll be honest, I have a drinking problem. That night, when I didn't wake up, my partner found me on the floor and Woofy was tried to wake me up. My partner moved me to the bedroom and after they went to the sofa. Woofy didn't sleep at all that night. She kept checking the door and making a noise like she was worried. When I woke up, I heard her noise outside and my partner told me she had been like that since I passed out. After that, every time I want to choose to get a drink to bury my mind, I always just look at her and hug her. I don't want to make her worried about me like that night.

This is not a good memory, but because of this memory, I try to make myself better.

Woofy on a table

Have you got any funny stories to tell us?

She loves bone for sure. One time, I let her chew a bone while I took shower. When I finished, she was resting on the sofa, however, the bone was not with her. I couldn't find it on the floor either. So, I asked her where the bone was even though I knew she couldn't answer my question. I had no idea where the bone was and she fell asleep.

A few hours later, I went to the kitchen to cook. I wanted to get the floor towel because the floor was a bit wet after washing the dishes. The floor towel was wrapped in the corner. When I moved the towel with my feet, yup that's where the bone was. She was hiding the bone there.

What is Woofy's personality like?

Woofy is an Alpha-Beta dog. She protects us when we need it. She's very alert. However, if you bump into her for the first time, she will be a very friendly dog. She won't bark at you, she just needs to come to her slowly. She made friends with the security here and a few dogs. Also, she can be a very needy dog sometimes, but she is fine just busy with herself playing alone. Like if she senses that we are busy, she won't come to us.

Any other social media handles?

You can find more photos of Woofy on Instagram, Twitter, and Yummypets. Woofy will also have her own website soon. It will be called It will be a website about Woofy's recipes and other recipes for dogs.

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