Unless you've been living under a rock (i.e. not been on Yummypets recently), you might have noticed that the team at Yummypets are an international lot! We may all share a love of animals, but unfortunately, we don't all share the one language (although we're trying).

Fortunately, while we're waiting for automatic integrated translation to become available (which won't be for a while, sorry guys...), we've put together a list of words that come up often when Yummypals get together. So you now might be able to learn and understand something new!

So without any further ado, here is the definitive guide to the most common Yummypets vocabulary:

Yummypets say hello

bonjour - hello

coucou - hi!

salut - hey

bienvenue - welcome

Yummypets pets

yummypôte - yummypal

ami - friend

copain - friend

copinou - friend (but cute)

boule de poils - ball of fur (used for a pet, not a hairball...)

chien - dog

louloute - doggy

chat - cat

minou - kitty cat

cheval - horse

lapin - rabbit

lapinou - bunny rabbit

Yummypets do things

dormir - to sleep

grignoter - to nibble or snack

bisous - kisses

poutou - kisses (but cute)

câlins - cuddles

lechouilles - licks (cute ones)

bidou - tummy

Yummypets adjectives

gentil(le) - nice

joli(e) - pretty

mignon(ne) - cute

coquin(e) - cheeky

heureux - happy

petit - little

gros - fat (not a nasty word for our pet friends)

grand - big

Yummypets abbreviate

mdr - mort de rire - dying of laughter

auj - aujourd'hui - today

bises - bisous - kisses

biz - bisous - kisses

ptdr - peter de rire - snapped from laughter

stp/svp - s'il te plaît/s'il vous plaît - please

mimi - mignon - cute

Yummypets say goodbye

Bonne nuit - Goodnight

Bonne journée - Have a good day

Those are the basics, but don't hesitate to comment suggestions in the comments below so that we can compile an updated version or even a 'part two' if needed!

And if you don't want to you use the vocabulary above, don't worry - there's another way to communicate with our Yummypal friends - that's what emojis are for!!

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