"The Happiness of Hounds " is the name of the new dog restaurant which will be opening in Shoreditch, East London this year !

With all the cat cafes opening all around the world, the dogs seem to be feeling a bit left out! Kristjan Byfields and his wife Hayley are planning to open their own restaurant for dogs, which would be the very first in London!

Daisy, Duke and Diamond

The proud owners of Daisy, Duke and Diamond have decided to set up their new business in the supremely trendy area of Shoreditch. They are hoping to serve a range of home cooked meals and to have a range of teas for your thirsty doggies.

Bring Your Puppies With

There will be plenty on offer for us humans as well, including pastries, breads and tasty muffins! Unlike the cat emporium, dogs will not be living in the restaurant. Kristjan believes that it is cruel to keep animals in cages every night. Customers are encouraged to bring their own dogs, so that they can socialise with others!

The restaurant will be looking at opening a retail store as well, so you can come for a bite to eat and shop afterwards with your pet pooch. They will also be hosting their first pop up event called Hound Around.

There really is something out there for anyone! For more information visit their Facebook page or website.

Source & Photo Credit: Standard.co.uk

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