A family in Alabama lived through the worst kind of nightmare. Their son of 10 years old was untraceable for over 20 hours.

Kyle, a child with Downs Syndrome

Kyle Camp is a young boy with Downs Syndrome who likes in a little village in Alabama. He suddenly disappears and many villagers went in search of him. Thought they looked for him the whole day, there was no sign of him.

That morning, the family's dog had brought 4 puppies to the house. He started to bark, and then ran in the direction of the search party.

The bravery of the family's dog

The search party understood that the dog wanted to give them a message, so  they followed him without knowing where he would take them. They were led to some metres away from Kyle's house by the brave dog.

Imagine the surprise of the search party when they saw Kyle. The poor child was sat in a stream, wet and frozen. He was surrounded by four puppies...

The authorities think that Kyle followed the puppies from his house without knowing where he was going. He followed them into the forest and stayed with them the whole night. Luckily that they were there to lend Kyle their warmth so that he wouldn't freeze to death during the dark night.

"We don't know what would have happened if the four puppies weren't there," sais Kyle's dad. "Luckily our dog had the flair to find the puppies, because it was thanks to him that we were all reunited."

Here is the interview with Kyle and his mother:

A beautiful story - what did we do to deserve the love of animals?

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