Humans are no longer the only targets for apps on smartphones or tablets.

Cat Toy app from Apple

If you own a smartphone or a tablet from Apple, you cannot miss out on the Cat Toy app. This game is for our feline friends and displays a mouse, a spider, a butterfly or a laser. Your cat’s paws will work like your fingers on the touchscreen. Do not worry about damaging your screen as your cat’s paws should not scratch it!

Crazy Cat app from Android

Android users have a similar game which uses the same principles. This app is called Crazy Cat and will entertain your cat for hours! Touch Paw is another that works for both cats and dogs, so have fun with it!

 Dog Whisler

Whether you have an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet, Dog Whistler will help you to teach your dog new tricks. This works with more than 15 sound patterns and multiple frequencies.

 My Pet Ed

Keep on top of your pet’s health with this handy app; MyPetEd – Pet Health Centre. With a few glances you can follow all the information about your cat or dog’s health. Pet First Aid is perfect for if something goes wrong and you need to administer first aid to your pet. In a difficult situation this app can be a lifesaver. It is available on the Apple store and Google Play.

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