Steven Tingate was attacked by bees while working for the Royal Mail Hotel in Victoria, Australia. Paramedics were unable to revive him.

Multiple stings

The 27-year-old was working on a farm belonging to the Royal Mail Hotel when he was attacked by a swarm of bees. The land provides produce for the hotel’s restaurant.

Despite the reported first aid efforts by staff and the assistance of an ambulance, the gardener could not be resuscitated. The hotel’s manager told The Age that the restaurant would be closed on Wednesday evening out of respect for Mr. Tingate.

“A very well known young man, highly motivated”

Mr. Tingate was a well-known member of the Ballan Football Club and the Ballan Bowling Club, where he was a green keeper. Both clubs posted their condolences on social media, describing him as an “all around great guy” who was “ taken far too soon”.

One of the social media posts also states that Mr. Tingate had spoken highly of his new job at the Royal Mail Hotel, just weeks before his passing.

Lethal bites and stings

According to the University of Melbourne, in a study of 42,000 venomous stings and bites that resulted in hospitalisations, 33% of patients had suffered from bee-stings.


Data and table from University of Melbourne

Title photo for illustrative purposes

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