Booboo is no ordinary guinea pig; she is a star model who could definitely be in Vogue magazine too. She has become famous on the internet and social media after her owner posted her modelling pictures. With over 17, 000 Instagram followers, she is worth a look!

Introducing Booboo

Let’s get to know this cutie a bit better; Booboo is 2-years-old and currently weighs only 1 kilogram. Her favourite food is carrots and her hobbies are sleeping, eating and posing for the camera.

She’s Perfect For Photography!

Booboo’s owner, who goes by the nickname of “Lieveheerbeestje”, is a photographer, who really likes the fact that guinea pigs are quiet. She said: “They just don’t move a lot in front of the camera, I guess I am lucky with that!

At Home 

Booboo lives in the Netherlands with two other guinea pigs called Titi and Tedd. She is rather spoiled, says her owner, and she has a large wardrobe. She has been photographed with different looks including; glasses, flowers and scarves!

Source: Daily Mail

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