The hunt is on for a missing dog last seen on holiday in France at Narbonne-Plage. The 7-year-old Spaniel was last seen on 12th July.

Thomas, his wife Heike and their two children had decided to take a trip to the French region of Occitanie to soak up the sun this summer. On the last week of their holiday, however, their cherished Spaniel, Joyce, broke free and was no where to be found.

A year’s leave to find Joyce

Having spent the week searching for Joyce, the family had no choice but to return home to Germany without her.

Thomas, however couldn’t stand the idea of returning to life as normal without the fifth member of their family. So, he decided to do everything he could to find her.

"It wasn't the same without Joyce, I missed her too much!"

His plan was to return to France in search of Joyce. According to Thomas, this was an idea that his boss agreed to, granting him a year’s leave from work to find her.

Thomas has now been back in France searching the streets for Joyce for several weeks, but has had very little success so far. With over 150 flyers lining lampposts and trees in the town of Narbonne-Plage, the word has quickly spread abut his endevour.

Anyone with information relating to the whereabouts of Joyce can contact Thomas on 04 68 49 86 02. We sincerely wish him the very best of luck.

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    Tami C Omg all i wish for dog and family an happy ending

    Maggie S That's so sad, I hope he can find her!