Stephanie Penn was very surprised one evening when she found a little bundle on their porch; a newborn kitten!

Something Strange

Stephanie came home late one night and saw a cat she had never seen before, but this was no surprise as there are often stray cats wondering around the neighbourhood. Remembering that it was trash day, she brought the bin to the front of the house and that is when she spotted the little kitten. If it wasn’t for trash day, she wouldn’t have seen anything!

The Abandoned Kitten

The kitten had just been born as her umbilical cord was still attached. Stephanie believes that the mother had three kittens and she brought Angel to them because she couldn’t care for her. The family took her in right away and named her Angel because of the angel wings on the back.

Angel On The Mend

Stephanie’s husband was due home from an overseas trip the next day and he spoiled little Angel with toys, milk and bottles. The Penns’ did everything they could for Angel with the help of their other cats and she made it through! With love, warmth and food the little kitten thrived!

“On October 30, 2015 she will be 6 months old. Despite being only four pounds, the vet says that she’s puuuuuurfectly healthy,” said Stephanie.

Angel has found her forever home with her new family!

Source: Love Meow

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