What happens when a stray cat shows up at your house? He becomes best friends with the kids, of course!

Surprise guest

Imgur user, Youweremyfavourite, frequently babysits his niece and nephew, but now he can add “cat-sitter” to his CV too! A stray cat appeared at his niece and nephew’s door, and purred his way into their hearts.

chat noir et blanc endormi

A friendship is born

They decided to call him Roger, and they gave him their favourite blanket to make him feel at home. If that wasn’t enough, they also gave him a turtle bed so that he can sleep comfortably.

chat blanc noir lait enfants

The kids absolutely love Roger, and even share their toys with him! The feeling is mutual, and by the looks of it, he is definitely not a stray anymore!

enfant mange table chat blanc noir

More info on imgur.

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