Monty is a cat with a very unusual face who's becoming the new internet's favourite kitty. Monty and his all family have answered all your questions!

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for answering our questions! Can you introduce us to all your family? 

We are the family of 'M's - Mikala and Michael, aka mom and dad, Mikkel who only has three legs because of an accident where he fell out a window. Then there is Malle the gentle giant. He is a soft-hearted cat even though he was mistreated by his former family. And finally there is Monty with the missing nasal bridge. As you may have recognized they all are adopted.

Monty is a very special cat! Can you talk to us about him? What kind of cat is he?

Monty is for sure one of a kind! He is extremely cute looking and his personality is just as fantastic as one would expect it to be with his adorable face. He’s a playful little fellow who loves attention and he’s always on the look out for someone to snuggle with. He prefers to sleep by our side, and wherever we go and sit, he will follow and sit on our lap. He is also not shy at all. He loves to meet other cats and dogs and is never aggressive towards anyone. He is very curious! Even at the vet he holds his tail high and goes on adventures. When we are at the waiting room at the vet, we don’t need to keep him in his carrying case. He just sits in our arms, completely relaxed, looking around. So he is definitely a sweet little fellow. Though he has some difficulties, as you may already know. Due to his chromosome defects, his bladder sometimes leaks in his sleep. It is not a problem to us since it’s just some few drops and it only happens 2-3 times a month.


What was the first thing you thought when you met Monty? 

The first time we saw Monty was in the end of August 2013. Mikala was sitting, looking for shelter cats on a website just for fun, since we were not looking for a new furry friend for our little family. However, then she came across Monty and got so excited that she of course showed me his cute face. I clearly remembered that I said: “if Malle had that face I would love him even more”. We of course wanted to meet Monty and went to the shelter. We were both certain that we should not have more cats. We went to the room where all the indoor cats were and met Monty for the first time. He was playfully fooling around in the center of the room. Most of the other cats were insecurely sitting in the corners. And when Monty went over to them they all hissed and struck out, but Monty did not do anything - he just backed out easily and went on. It then hit us that he was a very social cat. He had only been in the shelter for a few months. I (Michael) went over to him and picked him up and since he did not know who I was and what I was doing he said a little insecure “meow”. However he did not struggle to get away. I looked him into his eyes and blinked-smiled at him, as I have seen cats do, and started stroking him gently on his head. He became completely relaxed and I laid him down on his back in my lap (as you can find him laying in my lap on several photos on Facebook) and then it happened; I saw his personality and I’m sure he saw mine and liked what he saw. From that moment both Mikala and I started creating a very strong bond with Monty. We tend to think that we did not choose him but he chose us.

How was his arrival in the family?  

As you may already have guessed his arrival to our home was very painless. He was of course very sweet to Malle and Mikkel. After a month it felt like he had lived with us for a lifetime.

Hey Monty! What's a typical day in your life like?

I usually get up when mom and dad get up. Then I try my best to get them back to bed with me! I try really hard when they have showered and gotten dressed. I loudly tell them that they should come back and cuddle with me. Malle and Mikkel back me up. When mom and dad give in for a moment it feels so good. Then they apologize that they have to go to work and school, and leave me in the warm bed with Malle and Mikkel.
When they come home I’m usually still in bed and get up to welcome them home. Then I get kissed and I love it! Then it’s playtime with Malle and Mikkel. We sprint around the apartment and have great fun! When dad gets in front of he’s computer, I’m ALWAYS ready to jump on his lap. Then, it’s dinner time!
When it’s time for bed I’m ready! I don’t need to change clothes and boring stuff like that.. I go back and forth between mom and dad and the bed. I want them to go to bed NOW! In bed I snuggle up real good between mom and dad and purr loudly. Sometimes mom and dad are talking about how maybe the neighbors can hear me? But I don’t care, because I’m happy! I sleep all night long between mom and dad, even though I have a perfectly good cat bed next to their bed. Malle sleeps on the cat shelf above the bed and Mikkel sleeps under the bed in a soft cat bed.

Monty le chat sans nez What is your best memory in your family so far? 

Every memory I have is the best memory.

You’re about to become the new internet superstar! How do you feel about being famous?  

I do not really understand it but it’s so cool and PAWsome. I never wanted that kind of attention - I only wanted to spread my message: That looks do not matter and that you can by fantastic even though you are different.

Monty et son ami

What are your plans for the future?

Our goal is to spread the message to the whole world and encourage people to go to the local shelter if they are looking for a furry friend. I know that it is important to my mom and dad that I never will be exploited while making this a reality. Right now my dad is working with in order to make some t-shirt designs featuring me. By selling them my mom and dad will donate 100% of their income to the shelter from which I was adopted.

Is there something you would like to add, Monty?

Not for now.

Thank you the M family for answering the YummyPals questions! Take Care!

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