Has anyone seen the black and white videos called Simon’s Cat? The videos are quirky, funny and the latest called 'Snow Business' doesn’t disappoint!

The Story

In Snow Business, Simon’s Cat, goes into the garden and is surprised to find a strange powdery, icy substance called snow. He tests it out first and as soon as he sees that it’s harmless, he has a little fun after a while. However soon a bird arrives and spoils the fun. He starts throwing snowballs at the cat and the cat fights back!


As natural enemies, these two both want to win. Does the bird have the advantage because he can fly? Near the end the cat almost has the bird but he manages to escape with Simon’s Cat stuck in the house, unable to get out!


The adorable videos depict cats perfectly, and what makes them even better is that they are hand-drawn!

Have a look at the video, and if you love it like we do, there are many episodes in the series to watch too!

Source: YouTube

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