Stunning pictures of an understudied family of butterflies known as Coeliadinae.

The Northern Hemisphere might still be in the depths of winter, but there’s something magical about daydreaming of warmer weather, blue skies and all the pretty colours that come alive during the spring and summer months.

With seasonal changes across a range of different climates comes a new burst of life and colour as the magical world of butterflies comes alive.

The Coeliadinae family

Enter the Coeliadinae family - a subfamily of the Skipper butterfly family (Hesperiidae) found predominantly in the Southern Hemisphere.

Coeliadinae butterflies are little known in the scientific world. They are found in the tropics of the Old World (namely Africa, Europe, and Asia). It is believed there about 150 known species within this butterfly subfamily, while its parent family, the Skipper, has a documented 3,5000 species.

The species are known for their quick, darting movements and typically rounded wings. While usually brown or grey in colour, you can see from the pictures that this varies from species to species.

Let’s hope scientists can explore the Coeliadinae family further so we can continue to benefit from their presence and beauty.

Can you tell we’re counting down to Spring to spot some of our own pretty butterflies?

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