Yummypets is always striving to improve and provide you with the best user experience possible. Check out the brand new profile layout!

The latest improvements

A new layout

From now on, you will find your badges, family, friends, fans and information about your pet on the left side of the page.

Share your posts!

Under each photo and video, there is an option to share your posts with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

Filters for your photos!

This is THE big news! Now you can select a filter for each new photo you post! We hope you like it! Have fun!

les nouveaux profils yummypets

We hope you like the new improvements!


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    fripouille j J'aime trop le nouveau YP ! en plus on voit les premières personnes qui se sont abonnés à vous :)

    Océane B Le nouveau désigne est génial ! :D