In 2015 the Animal Poison Control Centre (APCC) handled 181,818 cases of pets exposed to poisonous substances, and nearly 16% of those were from pets who ingested over-the-counter products intended for their owners.

Ranked in order of call volume, these are the ten toxins the APCC dealt with most in 2015.

1. Over-the-counter medications

Consisting of nearly 7000 different products, including herbal and natural supplements, this category had over 28 500 reported cases for the first time in history.

2. Human prescription medications

Representing almost 16% of cases, prescribed human medications takes second spot on the list.

3. Insecticides

Nearly 9% of the calls were due to animals ingesting insect poisons – that’s more than 15 000 cases.

4. Human foods

You may think that it’s safe for your pet because it’s safe for you, but that’s not how it works. Dogs can get seriously ill when they consume onions, garlic, grapes, raisins and xylitol.

5. Household items

The most common items for this category include cleaning products, fire logs and paint. This category consisted of more than 14 000 reports.

6. Veterinary medications

Dogs find cheweable medications very appealing, which means that you need to practice extra caution when it comes to medications prescribed by vets. Dogs will always try their luck!

7. Chocolate

With over 30 cases a day, chocolate continues to be very dangerous for pets. Dark chocolate is especially bad for canines.

8. Plants

Most of these incidents involved cats and houseplants. Be sure to do some research before putting a plant in or around your house.

9. Rodenticides

Designed to kill rodents and mice, this poison is just as toxic to pets.

10. Lawn and garden products

Herbicides and fungicides account for 3% of all APCC calls. Make sure that your lawn and garden products are out of the reach of your pets.

More important information about pet toxins can be accessed here: APCC by ASPCA.

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